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We Never Serve Two Masters

There is a potential for conflict any time one broker (or even two brokers from the same firm) represent both the landlord and the tenant in the same deal. And yet that is what happens in most real estate transactions. There is no way one person can vigorously and without bias represent both sides at the same time. In that situation, the broker is compromised and becomes a messenger rather than your advocate. As the name of our company states, we only represent tenants, all day, every day. Itís what we love. Itís all we do.

CASE STUDY: If you were involved in a lawsuit, you would never hire the same attorney as your opponent. You would hire your own legal representation to fight for your rights and look out for your best interests.

If you were involved in a lawsuit with another party, they would have an attorney and in order to be well represented and have someone to look out for your interests, you would find a well qualified attorney to represent you. Your attorney would fight for your rights and position. It would not be wise to have the same attorney represent both parties. Unfortunately, there are plenty of incidents in real estate transactions such as lease or purchase negotiations where both parties are represented by the same broker. How can that broker represent both parties while serving the fiduciary responsibilities of both parties?

At TREA, we know that your opportunity for the best deal will be when you are well represented by a separate party. By only representing tenants, you can rest assured that we have your best interest in mind.

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