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No Mechanics in the Operating Room

Everyone has their area of expertise. You know your business and we know real estate. We can assist you in aligning your real estate with your business needs instead of your business plan being dictated by your real estate. We will keep track of critical dates, lease compliance, CAM audits, etc. In a sense, we'll help keep your auto mechanic out of the operating room.

CASE STUDY: A busy company president misses a critical date with a resulting 29% increase in rent.

In a real estate market where rents were climbing dramatically, a company had a favorable lease renewal option at a predetermined rate. To exercise that option and keep that rate, the company needed to provide notice by a certain date. As the date approached, the company president had it on his task list to “look into the market” and make a decision. In the natural course of business, this task was overlooked. Unfortunately, the critical option date passed and the market rate was higher than the option rate. Approximately three days after the date, the company president received a letter indicating the new rent was going to be 29% higher than the previously-negotiated option rent.

TREA will perform all your lease administration, including tracking and reminding you of critical dates, collecting market information and insuring favorable lease terms are leveraged.

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