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It’s exhausting to deal with multiple property owners and their brokers as well as brokers representing you in your various market locations, while trying to run your business. TREA will be the last “broker” that you will need to call. Once we are part of your team (but not on your payroll) and you educate us about your business and how you run your facilities we’ll be your single point of contact for real estate. TREA will take on the time-consuming legwork from identifying potential savings in your current lease, to locating the best property for your needs, to representing you throughout the negotiation process. We'll deal with them and leave you free to run your business.

CASE STUDY: One point of contact for all their real estate needs, saves company valuable time, energy and money.

One of our national clients has 200+ locations throughout the United States and has developed their ideal floor layout, which requires some specific tenant improvements. In addition, they have some specific lease provisions that are critical to be included in their final lease documents. Before hiring TREA, they spent an inordinate amount of time bringing the various brokers in all their market locations “up to speed” on their special requirements. At any given time, our client had 15-20 brokers calling him on various deals. On several occasions, greenhorn brokers misrepresented critical deal points actually hindering the leasing progress. Since hiring TREA, we have become personally involved with every deal insuring that the site location, configuration and lease document meets our client’s specifications. We now field those 15-20 broker calls, follow up with the brokers on the leasing progress and provide a summary of all active transactions once a week in a conference call. They estimate that we save them at least 15-20 hours per week. Naturally, our client has the final word and approval on all transactions, but we expedite the process by being a single point of contact and through our intimate knowledge of our client’s requirements.

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