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We Look at the Big Picture

Not only do we always look at the big picture but we ask the tough questions, especially to our own clients. Questions like, “Do you need both facilities in that market or could one, strategically located facility service it?” or “Do those two departments need to be in the same building? It might be more cost effective to separate them.” There are hundreds of solutions to your unique real estate situation and we can help you expertly navigate the immediate decisions that also play into the best long-term strategy for your company.

CASE STUDY: “We met our criteria...incredible rate...wonderful location...great lease terms...achieved our goals…” and they have room to grow.

We had well-known national client that built custom, high-end cabinets and closet systems for resale to the public. They had an 8,000 sf manufacturing facility and needed to expand their production area by at least 50%. Within a few miles, they also had a 2,000 sf retail outlet. The principals and employees spent a lot of time traveling between the locations. We suggested they combine the facilities to save travel time and reduce duplication, such as phone systems, copy rooms, conference rooms, etc. If we were able to find an alternative site that met their specific criteria, they said they would consider combining these locations. After an exhaustive search, we found the perfect location that allowed them to house their manufacturing operations with a high-end, retail store front. With this consolidation, they were able to cut their redundant business expenses. In addition, we expanded their manufacturing and retail space while providing a net savings of 18%. The added bonus was locking in below market rental rates for 10 years. After the deal was done, our client said “With TREA’s help, we met all of our site criteria, at an incredible rate…We are in a wonderful location; we have great lease terms and this change will really help us to achieve our goals of decreasing expenses and increasing our bottom line.”

TREA can help your real estate support your business plan now and in the future.

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