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We’re in it for the Long Run

Most brokers are only interested in the commission that is associated with your lease or purchase. At TREA, we are cut from a different cloth. While we are technically “brokers”, our clients think of us as advocates, or consultants. This is because we become valued team members that are involved in the entire life span of a transaction from the idea that a new facility might be needed to move-in day to the annual cam audits thereafter. We can be your entire real estate department, or support any in-house staff that you already have.
Some of our ongoing support services can include:

  • Maintaining web-based lease administration program for easy, secure and immediate access to critical data
  • Monitoring all lease provisions including critical dates and obligations
  • Completing an annual review of CAM charges
  • Monitoring of space expansion and contraction needs
  • Tracking real estate market trends and their effect on your leases
  • Ongoing representation with your landlord when issues arise
  • Forecasting occupancy costs for budgets

CASE STUDY: By performing a standard CAM audit, TREA reduced one client’s CAM charges by 25%.

A client had a triple net lease and paid a percentage of the building expenses in addition to the base rental amount. Each year they were billed and being a “good tenant,” promptly paid it without question. After we preformed our standard CAM review, we found that the Tenant was paying for inappropriate items, including expenses not even associated with that particular property.

TREA can be your real estate department and will provide continued support, including an annual CAM review of your triple net charges.

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