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Our Process of Acquiring Space

The process of leasing, renewing or purchasing real estate can be complex. Whether a new site or a lease renewal, it is absolutely critical to start early and allow ample time in order to have a position of strength with the Landlord. We strongly suggest having the lease documentation finalized at least 6 months in advance of the lease deadline.

Tenant Real Estate Advisors utilizes a thorough, multi-step approach to ensure that no detail is overlooked, and your critical dates and deadlines are met.

A brief summary of our 42 step process includes the following:

Up to 1 month
1-2 months
Due Diligence
2-3 months
1-3 months
Construction /
Move In
2 to 5 months
Assemble Team

Define Project

Initial Financial Feasibility Study

Complete Space Program

Present Market Alternatives

Determine Primary & Secondary Alternatives

Tour Properties

Solicit Proposals from Short-Listed Properties

Test-Fit Short-Listed Properties

Review & Analyze Proposals

Prepare & Review Comparative Financial Analysis

Negotiate “Best and Finals”

Negotiate Detailed Letter of Intent

Negotiate Tenant Work-Letter

Execute Letter of Intent

Verify Business Terms

Confirm Space Plan & Tenant work-letter

Coordinate Legal Review

Finalize Construction Drawings and Budgets

Execute Lease

Project Manager Coordinates Construction

Furniture Installation

IT Coordination

Punch-List Items

6-14 Months

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