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When the landlord sits down at the negotiating table with his pit bull (aka listing broker), you need the same expertise on your side of the table. Some landlords claim they will give you a better deal without involving brokers at all. Beware of any landlord that encourages you to complete a transaction without getting a third-party, expert opinion of it. A tenant rep that exclusively represents tenants will ensure that indeed you do get the “great deal” the landlord is advertising. Our approach to every transaction ensures a competitive negotiating landscape that results in the best deal for our client, without alienating landlords.

CASE STUDY: Lack of representation cost one tenant $253,310.

A company headquartered in Southern California had several locations in Colorado. At one Colorado location, they had an option to renew their 34,700 square foot lease at a “market rate”. The landlord contacted them and proposed a new “market” rental rate of $5.71 per square foot for their space. The landlord mentioned that he was giving them the best possible rate because of the tenant's long-term tenancy. The tenant signed the lease. The following week, the landlord put the adjacent space on the market at an asking rate of $4.25 per square foot. The tenant paid a 34% premium (an additional $253,310 over the course of his lease) because he was not aware of actual market conditions.

The tenant thought they were getting the best deal. TREA will know the comparable market rates and specific deal terms and conditions relevant to your needs. Even on a renewal, knowing the market can save you thousands of dollars directly to the bottom line.

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